Graypants Garage

A resourceful, cozy escape overlooking Puget Sound

This garage-turned-living-space is made of repurposed materials and comes with amenities like a built-in bar and wood stove. (Courtesy of graypants)
Photo: Courtesy of graypants

We’ve seen a lot of thoughtful garage-turned-living-space renovations, but this one by Seattle-based design firm Graypants stands out from the bunch.

That’s probably because the company started by choosing the right structure. This garage isn’t attached to a home, but instead sits by itself as an out-building overlooking Puget Sound on Vashon Island off the coast of Tacoma, Washington. In a slick design move, the firm repurposed old building materials into flooring and backdrops, which preserves the historical feel. They also added tasteful amenities, including a wood-burning stove and built-in bar.

(Courtesy of graypants)

The space might be sparse, but who needs art, or couches, when you have a view this good?


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