Jetboil Genesis Basecamp 2 Burner System

This may be the coolest car-camping stove we've ever seen

The set unfolds into a two-burner propane unit, complete with a pot and frying pan. (Jetboil)
Photo: Jetboil camping

The Genesis Basecamp 2 Burner System from Jetboil is a complete rethink of the traditional car camping stove many of us grew up with and still have in our garage.

These old-school car-camping stoves are typically heavy, clunky, and rectangular. The Genesis, on the other hand, resembles a larger version of Jetboil’s lightweight backpacking stoves, packing into itself to save space. 

Here’s how it works: the two-burner propane unit folds like a clamshell to nest inside the included five-liter pot. Unpacked, the two burners lie flat, with each one capable of putting out a respectable 10,000 BTUs—enough to boil one liter of water in three minutes. Nice touch: The lid doubles as a 10-inch ceramic-coated frying pan. 

The best part? The customization. If you’re camping with a large group, tether two Genesis stoves together to create a four-burner monster. Jetboil also plans to sell a small satellite unit that attaches to the two-burner, so you can boil water for coffee while simultaneously making pancakes and frying eggs.


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