Canadian Sets Beer Mile World Record

Previous record set earlier that day

"Why pander around being the second best 800m runner in the world when you can be the number one beer miler?" (Hannah McCaughey)
Photo: Hannah McCaughey beer fitness alcohol beer mile outside running

On Friday, Canadian Lewis Kent set a new world record for the fastest beer mile with a time of four minutes and 55.8 seconds, according to the Telegraph. Kent’s record came less than 24 hours after Australian Josh Harris set a short-lived record of four minutes and 56.2 seconds, according to Sports Illustrated. Both times are awaiting confirmation by, the governing body that sets the official rules for the beer mile.

A beer mile involves drinking a 12-ounce beer of at least 5 percent ABV, running a lap around a 400-meter track, and then repeating the process three more times for a total of four beers in one mile. Competitors who vomit during the race must complete an extra lap to qualify their results. 

On August 22, Kent, Harris, and previous record holder James Nielsen, who ran the first sub-five-minute beer mile in 2014, will compete head to head in the first Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco.

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