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Georgia Treehouse

A lush hideout just a few miles from the city

Suspension bridges connect three separate structures: a living room, bedroom, and deck. (Photo: Airbnb)

If you never had a treehouse as a kid, you can make up for lost time in this quirky Airbnb rental located just minutes from Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s made of three separate structures (a living room, bedroom, and deck), all connected by beautiful suspension bridges. Our favorite part: the bed has wheels and rolls into the open air so you can fall asleep under the stars to the sounds of crickets—or maybe the occasional police siren, given the proximity to the city.

The only downside? There’s no bathroom. Visitors need to visit the owner’s home a short walk away for midnight pee breaks.

$350 per night,

Filed To: Atlanta
Lead Photo: Airbnb
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