Recon Survival Tool

A lightweight companion for preppers and smart hikers alike

The Recon Survival Tool serves as a shovel, hatchet, saw, knife, hammer, and firestarter. (Courtesy of Outlast Survival & Tactical Axe)
Photo: Courtesy of Outlast Survival & Tactical Axe

The Recon Survival Tool is a shovel, hatchet, saw, knife, hammer, and firestarter built into one handy gadget. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this thing will help you do everything from chop wood to dig a latrine while you’re camping.  

The best part? The Recon only measures 17 inches long and weighs a mere two pounds (a hatchet by itself often weighs that much). It’s a must-have for your car and will prove ultra-useful for all but the most weight-conscious backpackers. 


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