Field-Tested Action Camera Bags for Nomadic Photographers

The best backpacks and organizers for your GoPro-centric life

Incase just released a full collection of action cam packs and accessories with Kelly Slater. We love the waterproof organizer. (Todd Glaser/Incase)
Photo: Todd Glaser/Incase Hawaii 2014

For years, many of us just squeezed our GoPros into regular photo bags. We would inevitably lose the cam in the clutter—and miss the shot.

Now there’s a better way to carry and organize these tiny tools, thanks to new inserts and backpacks specifically designed for them. To find the perfect storage solution, read our reviews below.

Incase Kelly Slater H2O Accessory Organizer ($50)

(Michael Frank)

This small, brick-sized waterproof box fits into your regular backpack and hold two GoPros, plus several mounting accessories and cords, or one regular camera lens and some SD cards. Bonus: The clear-plastic face lets you work a touchscreen inside so you don’t have to pull your phone out in wet conditions.

Best for: Watersports photographers

GoPole Venture Case ($40)

(Michael Frank)

This well-organized case slips into your regular bag and is big enough to hold a pair of GoPros or a disassembled DSLR (body and removed lens). The simple mesh envelope on the inside of the lid accommodates small accessories like extra batteries and cards, and the zippered secondary pocket inside is just big enough for emergency cash. Nice touch: You can attach shoulder straps to the case and turn it into a small camera bag. Nothing about this case screams “camera bag,” which is great when you’re traveling and don’t want to draw attention to expensive equipment.

Best for: Travel photographers who want to hide their gear

Thule Legend GoPro Advanced Case ($60)

Thule's Legend GoPro Advanced Case holds two GoPro bodies and accessories—and it's almost crush-proof. (Michael Frank )

I wouldn’t jump onto the semi-hard Legend with my full body weight, but it’s definitely crush-resistant and will protect your GoPros from abuse. The foam interior is designed to hold two GoPro bodies, plus accessories like GoPro’s Flex Clamp or the 3-Way Mount. If you wanted to modify the case, just break out the X-Acto knife and start cutting. Two zippered compartments in the lid are deep enough to hold extras like a multitool or a GoPro suction mount.

Best for: People who are rough on their gear

Ogio Backstage Backpack ($90)

(Michael Frank)

The Backstage has a well-padded action camera compartment, so if you take a digger while riding your mountain bike, the GoPro should be just fine. There are 12.7 liters of storage, which means it’s big enough for a GoPro, a tripod, an extra layer, and lunch. The waist belt is minimal but bomber, and there’s also a hydration sleeve and sunglasses pouch.

Best for: Mountain bikers

Tenba 14L Action Pack ($200)

(Michael Frank)

This is the most comfortable daypack I’ve tested in a long time. You can load it down, and it nestles snugly against your back and never gets in the way. It’s smartly organized, too. To get inside, zip open the pack’s rear panel to reveal four removable storage bricks that Velcro to the interior of the main compartment. Each is made from clear plastic so you can see the contents. At 14 liters, there’s plenty of room for action cams and accessories. You also have room for a 3 liter hydration bladder, and the exterior offers multiple carry options for tripods.

Best for: Gear junkies

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