Roccbox Pizza Oven

You can do better than Easy Mac and beans

Roccbox is made of weatherproof stainless steel and an insulated outer layer that won't burn your hands. (Roccbox)
Photo: Roccbox

Roccbox was born when the founder of a wood-burning pizza oven company decided he wanted to make a portable version of his product. His invention, which isn’t much larger than a mailbox, can reach temperatures of up to 932 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to the consistent heat, you can cook a 12-inch pizza on the beach or in the backyard with the precision of an Italian chef in just 90 seconds.  

Made from a weatherproof stainless steel enclosed in an insulated silicone outer layer that keeps the oven from burning users, the Roccbox can be fueled by wood or gas (a smoker version is coming soon). The oven’s stone base makes it ideal for cooking pizzas and crusty breads, but you can also roast meats and vegetables, broil fish, and bake cakes. Nice touch: the unit comes with its own recipe book.  

At about 45 pounds, it’s great for tailgating or car camping—not backpacking. You can pre-order your Roccbox now and orders should start shipping globally soon, according to the company.


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