Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

The monster off-road camper we've been waiting for

This 18-ton, off-road luxury camper comes with a motorcycle lift. (Action Mobil)
Photo: Action Mobil

Looking to explore the world’s most stunning four-wheel-drive roads, but don’t want to slum it in the back of your van or truck? 

The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 has you covered. This beast is a six-wheel, 18-ton recreational vehicle for those with serious cajones (and serious cash) who spend most of their time off-road adventuring. Action Mobil also offers four- and eight-wheel versions. 

The company built a body with 23 square feet of living space around a 720-horsepower engine. Interior amenities include satellite TV, a bidet toilet, and washer and dryer. There's also a 190-gallon fresh water tank on board, and a lift in back for a motorcycle. 

About $840,000,

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