First Women Complete Nolan’s 14

Ultrarunners Anna Frost and Missy Gosney finished Tuesday

Nolan’s 14 is a run over the 14 summits above 14,000 feet in Colorado’s Sawatch Range. (Hogs555/Wikimedia)
Photo: Hogs555/Wikimedia

This article has been updated to correct an error.

On Tuesday, ultrarunners Anna Frost and Missy Gosney became the first women to complete Nolan’s 14, a run over the 14 summits above 14,000 feet in Colorado’s Sawatch Range, according to Frost’s Facebook page. They started running on Sunday morning near Leadville and first summited Mount Massive, according to their GPS. They reached the summit* of Mount Shavano near Salida Tuesday afternoon, 57 hours and 55 minutes after they started.

Nolan’s 14 has a strict 60-hour cutoff and had only been completed by 11 people before Frost and Gosney, according to the run’s official website. Both Frost and Gosney are accomplished trail runners: Frost won this year’s Hardrock 100, and Gosney came in fourth.

Runners attempting Nolan’s 14 have the option to travel northbound or southbound and, because there is no established course, are free to choose their own routes. The most efficient route is estimated at between 88 miles and 106 miles, with 44,000 feet of climbing, according to the website.

*UPDATE: August 20: A previous version said they completed the run in 57 hours. However, there is some controversy around this, as they actually completed the last summit at that time, but did not reach the trailhead.

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