Covet: Style

Looking for a wallet as tough as you are? (OK, maybe a little tougher?) Read more.

Photo: Triple7Gear

Triple7Gear CORE Nano Adventure Wallet

Looking for a wallet as tough as you are? (OK, maybe a little tougher?) Read more.

Teva Original Universal National Forest Sandals

Bright art (and classic comfort) for your trekkin' feet. Read more.


Tidal Vision Salmon Leather Wallets

Salmon skins are typically discarded after the fish are harvested, but Alaska-based Tidal Vision has found a way to turn the hide into leather. Read more.

(Tidal Vision)

Buck Mason x Stetson City Collection

Despite the cowboy hat's country-pickup-bull-riding associations, the Buck Mason x Stetson City Collection brings the classic western headgear back to its city roots. Read more.

buck mason
(Courtesy of Buck Mason)

Juniper Ridge Backpacker Cologne

Camping season is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait any longer to smell your favorite outdoor spots. Get a whiff of the Juniper Ridge Backpacker Cologne, which lets you wear the essential scents of your favorite outside spaces. Read more.

(Courtesy of Juniper Ridge)

Quiksilver Japan True Wetsuits

Give yourself more time in the water with Quiksilver True Wetsuits from Quiksilver Japan, which perform as well in the green room as they do in the boardroom. Read more.

(Courtesy of Quiksilver Japan)

DC Shoes Trase TX

Splashing the classic boat shoe with a bucket of color. Read more.

DC Shoes
(Courtesy of DC Shoes)


Back in the day, body lubricants were intended for one of three things: sport, hair, or sex. But now there's Überlube, the the one-stop shop for all your sex, hair, and sport needs. Read more.

(Courtesy of Uberlube)

Harry’s Jimmy Chin Shave Set

You don't think of most rugged alpinists as well groomed and clean shaven, but thanks to Harry’s Jimmy Chin Shave Set, you can summit with a smooth face.  Read more.

(Courtesy of Harry's)

Baron Shave Kit

Everything old is new again: The good, old-fashioned safety razor—how men shaved before 20-bladed razors became the norm—is making a Kickstarter-funded comeback. Read more.

(Courtesy of Baron)

Feit Wool Hiker

Forking out nearly $700 for a pair of hiking boots might sound excessive, but don’t let the hefty price tag attached to the Feit Wool Hiker discourage you. Read more.

(Courtesy of Feit)

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