MiNT Polaroid SLR670m Camera

Get your hands on one of these rebooted icons

The refurbished camera also features the option to control focus and shutter speed. (Photojojo)
Photo: Photojojo

The Polaroid SX-70 is sorta like the 1957 Chevy—a beautiful piece of engineering and a hot collector’s item. Those who never got their hands on one will be excited to hear that a Hong Kong-based company called MiNT recently began refurbishing a batch of these beauties, tweaking them to offer even more functionality. 

Their updated version of the camera, dubbed the SLR670m, lets users control focus and shutter speed (up to 1/2000s), but there’s also an auto mode if you just want to point-and-shoot. The included 116mm lens has an aperture range of f8 to f22, which means you can control your depth of field and capture some action shots.

Polaroid stopped making instant film for its cameras in 2008, but fear not: a new company called The Impossible Project has been pumping out Polaroid-compatible film from one of the company’s former factories. The only drawback: it's pricey, at $23.50 for eight exposures.


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