TrunkMonkey Inflatable Bike Rack

A blow-up bike rack that fits on your seatpost and fits on almost any car

TrunkMonkey inflates via an enclosed pump, then secures to the trunk or rear hatch of your car. (TrunkMonkey)

A few years ago, Tyler Nelson, a college student from Dallas, Texas, was commuting home when he got stuck in the rain. A friend stopped to offer him a ride, but didn’t have a bike rack. Nelson was out of luck. Determined to never let that happen again, Nelson got home and started sketching blueprints for a blow-up, portable bike rack that would be small enough to strap onto a seatpost when deflated. 


His final idea, called TrunkMonkey, debuted on Kickstarter in June and raised over $71,000 this summer. Products are slated to ship in October.

The engineering is simple: inflate the rack via the included pump, secure the rack to the back of a car (it fits onto any vehicle with a trunk or rear hatch), then attach the frame of your bike to the rack using the nylon webbing straps. The rack’s inflatable polyvinyl interior is protected by a durable, tear-resistant Cordura Kevlar outer designed to keep your bike secure without scratching the paint. When not on use, the rack compresses into a carrying case the size of a football.


The only bummer? Right now the rack only carries one bike. But a two-bike version is supposedly on the way. 


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Lead Photo: TrunkMonkey
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