Bison Airlighter

Why use matches when you can use a mini flamethrower?

The Airlighter shoots out a four-inch jet of fire. (The Bison Company)
Photo: The Bison Company

The Bison Airlighter won’t earn you a scout badge, but it will help you start a blazing fire in record time.

One part flamethrower, one part billows, the Airlighter shoots out a four-inch jet to ignite your combustible material of choice. After ignition, the built in blower fans the flames, so you don’t have to play Big Bad Wolf and risk singed eyebrows, or worse.

Butane fuel creates the flame and an internal USB-rechargeable battery runs the fan. When the butane and battery are both topped up, you're good for at least 25 lightings. There’s even an LED light to see what you’re getting into and a bottle opener for tapping liquid courage at the grill. 


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