World Trade Center BASE Jumper Sentenced

Receives 300 hours community service

Three men BASE jumped from the One World Trade Center in September 2013. Six months later they were arrested. (Jmabel / Wikimedia)
Photo: Jmabel / Wikimedia

On Monday, BASE jumper Marko Markovich was sentenced in Manhattan Supreme Court to 300 hours of community service for parachuting from the top of One World Trade Center, according to the New York Daily News. Markovich was one of three men who snuck onto the roof of the not-yet-completed skyscraper in September 2013 and jumped off. Markovich, James Brady, and Andrew Rossig penetrated the construction site without encountering a single police officer or security guard. They were arrested in February 2014, before releasing a video of their jump on YouTube.

In April 2014, a grand jury indicted the group with charges for second-degree reckless endangerment and reckless endangerment of property, a violation of a New York City law that bans BASE jumping, and a felony charge for third-degree burglary, carrying a possible seven-year prison sentence.

The felony charge was dropped last June. Brady was sentenced 250 hours of community service, and Rossig got 200 hours, the New York Daily News reported. A judge sentenced Markovich to 300 hours, calling his courtroom apology convenient and insincere. (Markovich sold T-shirts advertising the jump to raise money for his legal fees and posted derogatory comments about the police investigation on social media.)

“I don’t believe your client has shown remorse, and I believe that his actions, his words, and his conduct certainly do not help deter and have not helped deter similar future behavior,” Judge Juan Merchan told Markovich’s lawyer on Monday, according to the New York Daily News. “Of the three defendants, none have shown more contempt for the process than your client.”

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