WATCH: Drone Catches Fish

Via farmer in Kansas

Farmer Derek Klingenberg snags a bluegill with his DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. (Farmer Derek Klingenberg / YouTube)
Photo: Farmer Derek Klingenberg / YouTube Farmer Derek Klingenberg

On Monday, Derek Klingenberg—a farmer in Kansas, according to Popular Mechanics—pulled a bluegill out of his pond by baiting a fishing line attached to a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, Popular Science reported. Klingenberg told Popular Science that he used a fake worm as bait, and it took about 10 minutes of drone fishing to catch the fish. 

David Darg was the first recorded person to catch a fish with a drone in August 2013, according to Popular Mechanics.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg, as he is known on YouTube, has made multiple videos that went viral. His video “Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde – Royals)” has over nine million views, and his What Does The Fox Say?” parody has over six million.

Watch Farmer Klingenberg catch a fish with his drone: 

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