Christie Denounces Rock Climbing Wall ‘Epidemic’

Sees gyms as unnecessary expenses for colleges

Christie argued that rock climbing walls are an unnecessary expense that contribute to outrageous college tuitions. (Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was speaking at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Friday when he criticized universities for ratcheting up tuition costs without telling students what exactly they’re paying for, like rock climbing walls. Adventure Journal reports that Christie considers these walls—like the ones at the University of New Hampshire, Princeton, Iowa State University, and two at Notre Dame—an “epidemic.”

According to the Philly Voice, the New Jersey governor referenced UNH’s new wall and told the assembled crowd, “You have rocks right out there. What the hell do you need a rock climbing wall for? Tell the kids at UNH, ‘Go outside and climb those rocks.’”

Christie also brought up climbing walls on his stop at Iowa State in June to illustrate his point that colleges should itemize tuition bills so students see what they’re paying for and can have the option of not paying for extra items.

“God knows what else they’re building on these campuses that’s costing us a ton of money that we don’t know,” he said on Friday, reported Adventure Journal.

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