Go Cubes

All the caffeine you need, packed into tiny chewables

Pictured: actual Go Cubes, not actual packaging. (Courtesy of Nootrobox)
Photo: Courtesy of Nootrobox

If you’re running late for work and don’t have time to slurp down a cup of Joe, fear not. There’s still a way to get your coffee-flavored caffeine fix. 

Go Cubes, which are currently being funded on Indiegogo, are made with real cold-brew coffee, have the consistency of gummy bears, and can be consumed as you run for the train. Each vegan 35-calorie chewable contains 50 milligrams of caffeine (about a half cup’s worth), six grams of sugar, and 125 percent of your recommended daily dosage of vitamin B-3. They come in three flavors—pure drip, mocha, and latte.

$20 for six packs, indiegogo.com

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