Lava Flow Van

What's the price of extreme versatility and ruggedness? $119,000!?

The Lava Flow van comes with LED lights and racks for mountain bikes, dirt bikes, SUPs, and more. (Courtesy of Outside Van)
Photo: Courtesy of Outside Van

The Lava Flow is a drool-worthy, tricked-out version of the four-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter van that's been customized by Oregon-based Outside Van for serious gear heads.

Let's count the features. There's a removable bed that sleeps two, but most of the interal space is dedicated to storage. Insulation makes this an ideal winter camper and serious LED lighting, gnarly tires, and an indestructible bumper means you can take this beast almost anywhere. 

It's not cheap, but that price includes envious looks from all your friends and freedom on the open road. 



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