Sidecar Bicycle

Why drive when you can pedal?

The Sidecar Bicycle's platform can be mounted with racks and bins. (Horse)
Photo: Horse

The Sidecar Bicycle, built in Brooklyn, New York, by the Horse Brand Co., is a single-speed commuter whip with an attached third wheel and platform that will hold up 100 pounds of cargo (which is, coincidentally, the weight of a pony keg). With that much hauling capacity, it makes your car damn near obsolete.

The standard build includes a hardwood oak platform that can be mounted with racks and bins. You can also request a platform made from reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk salvaged from Hurricane Sandy. 

Horse only offers one size frame, with an adjustable seat post and a 57-millimeter top tube. Final touches include Brooks grips and saddle. 


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