Hults Bruk Axes

A work of art produced by a 300-year-old Swedish company

Hults Bruk has been making axes for over three centuries. (Courtesy of Hults Bruk)
Photo: Courtesy of Hults Bruk

Hults Bruk has been crafting beautiful axes for more than three centuries. The Swedish brand has long been known by European aficionados for its exquisite ironworking and durabe products, producing pieces that are equally at home at the woodpile or mounted over the fireplace. Now, for the first time, amateur lumberjacks in America can buy one without crossing the Atlantic.  

Buyers can choose from several different styles, including the compact Jonaker backpacking hatchet, the Bjork splitting axe, and the Motala double bit-throwing axe. All models come with a tanned leather axe-head cover. 

From $100,

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