OAS1S Treescraper Community

Fulfill your childhood dream of living in a tree

Architectural drawings of the off-grid, self-sufficient structures. (Oas1s)
Photo: Oas1s

These aren’t tree houses. They’re houses that resemble trees. Made of recycled materials with vegetative facades, the “treescrapers” are designed to function like the plants they’re modeled after.

Each one is off-grid and self-sufficient, with solar panels, water-capture and storage systems, and, of course, green roofs. In the standard design, each of the four levels has up to 525 square feet of floorspace and massive windows

Right now, they’re just architectural drawings. But OAS1S, located in the Netherlands, hopes to eventually build entire “forests” of these structures. And the United States is one country it's considering.

$TBD, oas1s.com

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