WATCH: Mountain Biker Rides Across Slackline

Suspended over a 367-foot gorge

Kenny Belaey rides across a slackline 367 feet up. (Photo: Kenny Belaey/STL Visuals)
Kenny Belaey rides across a slackline 367 feet up.

Mountain biking champion Kenny Belaey rode his enduro bike along a 59-foot-long, 367-foot-high slackline in La Plagne, a ski area in the French Alps, for a new video posted by Red Bull on Thursday. Belaey is a four-time Union Cycliste Internationale world champion in mountain biking trials, a cycling discipline that requires riders to navigate obstacles without putting their feet on the ground. After falling on his first attempt—he and his bike were attached to the line—the Belgian mountain biker was able to complete his ride.

“The moment my wheel touched the actual slackline for the very first time, after months of training and preparation and while being so self-confident, the only thing I could think of was, ‘This is impossible!’” Belaey told Red Bull.

Check out the video from STL Visuals:

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Lead Photo: Kenny Belaey/STL Visuals