Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept

A car, bike trailer, and mechanic’s garage built into one little Civic

Honda's Civic Tourer Active Life concept features wheel mounts, an air pump, toolbox, and water tank inside the car. (Honda)
Photo: Honda Motor Shows

People who own expensive race bikes don't store them outside. But they often transport those whips on external cars racks, subjecting the bikes to rain, road grime, and damage. So Honda developed the perfect solution to protect the high-end carbon no matter where you go: the new Civic Tourer Active Life Concept, on display at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

More than just velo transporter, the car serves as a complete race-day base camp. Two bikes fit securely in the trunk on an integrated rack, which flips out to double as a bike stand. The rear storage compartment has front-wheel mounts, as well as an air pump, toolbox, and water tank. An extendable bench and rear hatch for shade provide a place to recover and kit up. The matching aero roof box easily holds a few helmets, shoes, and kits. And the whole package is wrapped in a custom paint finish with matching interior accents.

This is, alas, still just a concept, but let's hope someone at Honda loves bikes as much as we do and decides to produce a limited run. 


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