Hunter Fights Off Black Bear

Authorities looking for animal

Hunter allegedly fought off a black bear with a hunting knife in Michigan. (GoToVan / Flickr)
Photo: GoToVan / Flickr Hunter

On September 17, a 46-year-old hunter was purportedly attacked by a black bear while hunting porcupine in Clare County, Michigan, according to Backpacker. The man, who has yet to be identified, told the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that a black bear approached him from behind while he was in a ground blind (a structure that provides camouflage for hunters) and attacked him, according to CBS Detroit

The man stabbed the bear with his hunting knife, scaring it off, and was subsequently treated in a local hospital for minor wounds.

The DNR has placed a bear trap in the area in an attempt to catch the wounded animal and confirm the attack. 

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