Collingwood Shepherd Hut

A 116-square-foot paradise

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut is completely customizable down to the furniture. (Gute)
Photo: Gute

This small trailer, modeled after a traditional shepherd’s hut, isn't meant to be towed across the country. But it would make a brilliant guesthouse. 

Built by Ontario-based Gute, the Collingwood is completely customizable. The 7.5-by-15.5-foot floorplan can be outfitted with a full kitchenette, then built out with modular furniture, such as a folding desk, butler’s cupboard, and combo bedding and seating options. You can also choose the size of the solar-panel bank you’ll need to provide power to the unit. When winter comes, the fully insulated floor, walls, and ceiling trap the heat from the vent-less ethanol fireplace and low-profile electric heater.

One caveat: the Shepherd Hut has only one room, meaning you won't get any privacy when you need to use the (optional) electric-assisted composting toilet. 

From $32,000,

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