Gi FlyBike

Your morning commute just got a lot easier

The Gi FlyBike folds in half in one second, and comes with motor assist. (Gi FlyBike)
Photo: Gi FlyBike

The electric Gi FlyBike, which folds in half in roughly a second, might be the most convenient commuter we’ve ever seen. To fold, users just pull a lever on the frame and the two parts of the frame rotate around a central hub.

In addition to the impressive packability, the e-bike also comes with burly tires and a belt drive, which ditches the chain in favor of a grease-free, easy-to-maintain belt.

An Android- or Apple-compatible app serves as command central, controlling the 250-watt motor (its top speed is 15 miles per hour and it can travel 40 miles per charge) and built-in lights. As soon as a user moves ten feet away from the bike in the folded position, the app also automatically triggers an internal lock that won't allow the bike to be reassembled.  

The FlyBike launched this week on Kickstarter. 


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