1.5 Million Bikes Recalled for Quick-Release Flaw

Can intersect disc brake rotor

About 1.5 million bikes from 17 brands are being recalled for a quick-release malfunction. (Quick Release Recall/QuickReleaseRecall.com)
Photo: Quick Release Recall/QuickReleaseRecall.com Quick-release

On Tuesday, 17 bicycle brands collectively announced that they are recalling approximately 1.5 million bikes, according to Bike Radar. The recalled bikes are equipped with disc brakes and quick-release levers that can open wider than 180 degrees, which puts them at risk of coming into contact with the brake rotor if left open. If the quick-release lever intersects with the disc brake rotor on the front wheel, the front wheel may come off or the bike may come to an abrupt stop, pitching the rider over the handlebars.

In April, Outside reported that Trek recalled about a million bikes for the same design flaw.

If there is less than six millimeters of space between the front brake rotor and quick-release lever when fully open, then the bike is part of the recall. QuickReleaseRecall.com has a video with instructions to help cyclists determine if their bikes are affected by the quick-release design flaw and included in the recall. If your bike is affected, contact your local bike retailer, and they will supply you with a new quick-release.

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