Zyntony Torch

The brightest, most advanced camping light on the planet is totally overkill. But it's awesome.

The Zyntony torch pairs with your smartphone to monitor batter levels. (Zyntony)

The Zyntony Torch promises to obliterate the night with 4,000 lumens of light—nearly four times what a halogen car headlight puts out on its high setting.

All that power comes from 20 LEDs mounted in a rugged waterproof housing that looks awfully like a lightsaber. Users can direct the beam with a tight 90-degree spread or blast lumens a full 360 degrees.

The torch is powered by two massive rechargeable batteries that will last a full week on one charge (assuming you don't leave it on full power all day), and there’s a USB charging port for all your gadgets. A Bluetooth interface lets you pair the light with your smartphone so you can monitor battery levels and control the light remotely. 

The Zyntony is currently on Kickstarter. 

Starting at $165 for early backers, kickstarter.com

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