2 Men Attempt to Bike Amazon River

Will use a combination of water and land travel

If successful, the two brothers will be the first to cycle the entire Amazon River. (Global Water Forum / Flickr)
Photo: Global Water Forum / Flickr

Two Polish brothers set out earlier this fall to bike the length of the Amazon River, according to their website. Using pontoons to ride over the water when land travel becomes impassible, Hubert Kisinski and Dawid Andres officially began their journey on September 7 in Camana, Peru. They expect to complete the trip in March, according to a family friend. 

According to their website, if successful, the pair will be the first to bike from the river’s source at Mount Mismi in Peru to the Atlantic Ocean.

“He’s [Andres] always been a seeker of adventure of some off-the-wall things,” James Medved, whose company, Kent Pediatrics, is sponsoring the trip, told Outside on Tuesday.

According to the brothers’ bios, the men have never attempted a bicycle trip, traveled to Peru or Brazil, or visited a jungle. Both are married with children. 

“We wanted this very much,” Andres wrote on their site, “and this has been sitting in our hearts for many years.”

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