Wide Path Camper

Sleep in comfort while pedaling across America

The Wide Path Camper seats four for meals and two for sleeping. (Wide Path Camper)
Photo: Wide Path Camper

Time to ditch your RV. The new best way to tour the country in comfort is with your bike and the Wide Path camper

This 100-pound trailer, which hooks onto the back of a bike, can haul up to 300 pounds of gear and sets up in less than five minutes. It's even roomy enough to seat four for impromptu dinner parties. When the wine is all gone, the 39-by-102-inch interior converts into a bed for two. The company plans to release solar panels for the camper soon.

Just make sure you’re in good shape because it'll be a beast to haul this thing up any hills.  

$4,000, widepathcamper.com

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