Transform Your Office into a Gym with These 6 Essentials

Transform Your Office into a Gym with These 6 Essentials

Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives in an office. Make the most of that time with these six workout essentials and transform your desk from a shackle into an efficient, flab-busting fitness tool. 


Fluidstance Original Handmade Level

Standing is good. Balancing on an uneven surface is even better. The Fluidstance is built on rails made from quarter-inch military-grade aluminum, letting you rock from side to side at a standing desk. The metal and bamboo deck make the level burly enough for a 300-pound user yet svelte enough for under-desk storage (the unit weights just 7.5 pounds.)

Price $429


TRX Home Suspension Trainer

Sure, it says “home” in the name, but we found the TRX to be an invaluable office companion. The system lets you bust out a remarkable body-weight workout in a seven-by-four-foot space in under an hour. The door anchor coupled with heavy-duty ballistic nylon straps felt solid, and with a little discipline and some tips from the TRX website, it offered an ideal way to tune up our arms, shoulders, and core. The result: We got fighting fit with fewer than five hours of training per week.

Price $200


Metolius Foundry Training Board

Wish you were working your way through bouldering problems instead of office drama but lack the space for a full-on climbing wall? This board is for you. It offers myriad holds—from comfortable to tricky tapered finger-pinchers—despite its minimal 22.75-by-8.5-inch footprint. Mount it incognito over your office door.

Price $69


Varidesk Pro Plus 36

The jury’s still out on the scientific benefits of standing desks, but we’ve found they definitely leave you feeling less sedentary at the end of the day. Thirty-six inches wide with a 35-pound capacity, this elevating desktop accessory easily accommodates a double monitor setup. Fold it down to just 4.5 inches tall when 5 p.m. rolls around. 

Price $350


Foot Rubz Massage Ball

Aggressively rolling a ball under your feet to work out tight muscles has shown to be one of the best weapons to combat plantar fasciitis. Leave the Foot Rubz Massage Ball, with its 172 little nubs, under your desk and work out any anger your feet are feeling from a weekend of running and riding. 

Price $5.50


Voke Tabs

Rebiana and monk-fruit sweeteners take some getting used to, but once we got past the medicinal aftertaste, we found these two-calorie chewable tablets essential for getting through the work day. Each packs 77 milligrams of caffeine from green tea for a clean, sustained buzz.  

Price $7

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