Quarter Century Jacket

A jacket made to last until 2040

RPMWest will repair this duck canvas jacket free of charge for 25 years. (RPMWest)
Photo: RPMWest RPMWest quarter century jacket

Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee on their gear. Rpmwest took a different approach and is offering a 25-year guarantee on its new, appropriately titled Quarter Century jacket.

Made of water-resistant, 12-ounce duck canvas with heavy-duty stitching and zippers, this decidedly simple jacket (sewn in the U.S.) looks like it should stand up to plenty of abuse. If you do manage to shred the thing out cutting wood or digging your car out of the mud, the company promises to repair it free of charge for up to 25 years. There's no word, however, on how much it will cost if you’re past the quarter-century mark. 

$159, kickstarter.com

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