Cope with dreary airports and cloistered plane seats with these seven gifts designed to get you wherever you're going feeling refreshed and ready to play. 


Nuun All Day Tabs

Dehydration can leave you exhausted after a seven-hour flight. Lack of moisture in the airplane cabin sucks out more water than the two paltry cups of ice water they offer you in-flight replenish. Packed with nutrients like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, these tabs will help get you the most out of those sips.

Price $7.50


DreamSacks Original Opening DreamSack Blanket

A silk sheet feels cool against your skin yet adds a few extra degrees of warmth when doubled as a sleeping bag liner. The DreamSack Blanket packs down to the size of a softball but unravels to an impressive near-eight-foot height and includes a pouch for your pillow.

Price $98


Monoprice Noise-Cancelling Headphone

True silence is priceless on a long flight, but a pair of quality noise-cancelers can break the bank. The Monoprice Noise-Cancelling Headphone, on the other hand, actively blocks out the screaming toddler sitting behind you and delivers thumping bass and crisp treble at about half the price of comparable competitors.  

Price $116


REI Lightweight Eye Mask and Earplugs Set

Red-eye flights are convenient in that you won’t lose any daylight hours—unless you spend the next day catching up on sleep. REI’s eye mask and earplugs set makes it extra easy to steal some shut-eye. Ample padding on the mask blocks out light, and the earplugs are connected with a cord so they won’t get lost between seat cushions.

Price $12.50


Tanner Goods Everyday Tote

The Everyday Tote is just small enough to stow in the tiny floor space in front of your seat while leaving plenty of foot room, while the 19-liter capacity means the durable waxed canvas and leather bag is still large enough to hold travel amenities like an iPad and magazines.

Price $300

(Ursa Major)

Ursa Major Traveler’s Skin Care Kit

Each product in Ursa Major’s kit is refreshing, sulfate-free, and made from natural ingredients. And with nothing over two fluid ounces, the TSA won’t stop you for throwing it in your carry-on.

Price $46


Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker

The Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker contains all the tools—grinder, reusable filter, insulated pourer—to brew a barista-worthy cup of joe in a handheld 15-ounce container. Grab some hot water before boarding and let other passengers deal with airline java.

Price $119

The Complete Travel Kit

Included below: everything—from our favorite rugged suitcase to the world's most comfortable shoes—except the lift ticket.  (Nautica) Nautica Breakwater II Rolling Carry-On The Nautica Breakwater II rolling carry-on streamlines cross-airport treks with clever features like four 360-degree-range wheels and a single button-locking handle. The indestructible polycarbonate shell keeps your tchotchkes intact when crammed into the overhead. Price $300 (Danner) Danner Canoe Mocs Danner traded some of the durability of its iconic seventies moccasins for style with the Canoe Mocs. The sacrifice paid off. The squishy crepe sole, leather upper, and polyurethane footbed are as comfortable as slippers but still good for

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Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

What do a carry-on Moscow Mule cocktail kit and a flashlight-size survival tool have in common? They both seem like luxuiries—untill you really need 'em.  (Maui Jim) Maui Jim Voyager Sunglasses The Maui Jim Voyager sunglasses feature incredibly thin glass lenses—20 percent skinnier than standard glass—and deliver all-day sporty comfort in a polarized, retro package. Price $219 (W&P Designs) W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Moscow Mule Kit An airline-grade rum and Coke makes for a crappy international flight. The W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Moscow Mule kit solves that problem. Order a vodka, then use the ginger syrup, muddler, and coaster to

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