Show how much you care by attacking your loved ones' taste buds. It's a compliment: Sriracha lovers tend to be adrenaline seekers. But you can get more creative than just a festively-wrapped bottle of the red stuff.

(Sir Kensington's)

Sir Kensington's Sriracha Mayonnaise

The mixture of spice and tang in Sir Kensington’s Sriracha Mayonnaise elevates everything from early morning bagel sandwiches to mid-hike turkey wraps into delicious fare rather than just bland trail calories.

Price $10

(Savage Jerky Co.)

Savage Jerky Co. Sriracha Bacon Jerky

Lawrenceville, Georgia’s, Savage Jerky Co. is known for its sweat-inducing Ghost Pepper Jerky. Opt instead for their Sriracha Bacon Jerky, which has a more manageable balance of sweet, spicy, and salty. And unlike most dried beef, the bacon retains some moisture for a pleasant chew.

Price $8


Saltworks Sriracha Sea Salt Fusion

A dash of Saltworks Sriracha Sea Salt Fusion goes a long way—making the 3.5-ounce jar a perfect addition to any car camping box. Traditionally flavorless camp foods—like the ubiquitous hard boiled egg—were downright enjoyable, thanks to its peppery kick.

Price $15

(The Sriracha Cookbook)

The Sriracha Cookbook

Food writer Randy Clemons drew on his love of “Rooster Sauce” in drafting The Sriracha Cookbook. It contains 50 creative recipes, like tasty Maple Sriracha Sausage Patties and the unusual Peach-Sriracha Sorbet.

Price $18


Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters Sriracha Bitters

This bitters gets its complex savory flavor from organic herbs, fruits, and of course, Thai chiles. We like it best paired with a few splashes of bourbon.

Price $18


Lollyphile Sriracha Bacon Lollipops

Lollyphile's Sriracha Bacon Lollipops proves that the other white meat is often the best companion for the punchy flavor of Sriracha. The San Francisco-based company uses kosher bacon salt rather than actual pork belly, making it vegetarian friendly.

Price $8 for four

(Rick's Picks)

Rick's Picks Hotties

Rick’s Picks dropped in a double helping of spice—both Lee Kum Kee Sriracha and habanero powder—to boost the flavor of their Hotties to near eye-watering levels. The bite-size pickles make for great snacking or layered on a burger.

Price $7




With a comfortable 1.69-ounce bottle and tiny keychain-friendly carabiner, refillable Sriracha2Go ensures you’ve always got something on hand for spicing up an otherwise ho-hum campfire dinner.

Price $6

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

From a crazy-sharp kitchen blade and a pretzel-toffee chocolate bar to the Swiss Army knife of bartenders and salted caramels, these are the gifts for the gourmet in your life.   (True) True Authentic Tonic Syrup True ditched the high-fructose goop in favor of natural cane sugar for its Authentic Tonic syrup. And the added cinchona bark—cultivated by the British in India to treat malaria—was enough to persuade us to stash a bottle in our “emergency” cocktail kit. Price $15 (Izola) Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool Izola’s 4-in-1 bar tool is the backpacking mixologist’s Swiss Army knife. This sturdy six-ounce brass unit can break ice, measure precise

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Build the Perfect Bar

Good friends and good whiskey are all you really need for the perfect night around the campfire. But these special touches certainly won't hurt.  (Strongwater) Strongwater Cherry and Thyme Classic Shrub Tonic Strongwater Cherry and Thyme Classic Shrub tonic is made from vinegar, fruit, and herbs and slips easily into any car-camping chef’s kit. It works just as well as a marinade, salad dressing, cocktail mixer, and hangover cure.  Price $25 (Stanley) Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Set 2X Crafting cocktails in the field can be a chore. Enter the Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Set 2X, which packs a strainer, two glasses,

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