XTerrain500 Fat Bike

Complete with an electric motor (you'll need it to move the 70-pound machine) and a 10-inch front tire

Find us a path this bike can't tread. (XTerrain)
Photo: XTerrain

Pedaling through sand and mud is usually a sufferfest. Not so on XTerrain’s new ultra-fat fat bike.

Dubbed the Xterrain500, this supersized, 70-pound whip uses a 10-inch ATV tire up front for maximum float (about double the size of most fat-bike tires), and a 500-watt electric motor to move all that rubber. The bike also comes with a standard 4.5-inch tire. The custom RockShock fork is adjustable to fit both sizes.

The bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and can travel about 20 miles per charge.  

$1,600, sandsnowbikes.com

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