BauBax The World’s Best Travel Jacket

Ditch the carry-on. This rig stashes everything from your neck pillow to your water bottle.

BauBax The World’s Best Travel Jacket
Your whole carry on in one jacket. (BauBax)

Calling something the “world’s best” is a bold claim, but a recent Kickstarter product may actually live up to that lofty promise.

BauBax’s new World's Best Travel Jacket has 15 unique travel-friendly features, including a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, and earphone holders, plus multiple tech pockets (one big enough for an iPad), and a spot to stash a water bottle. The piece, which eliminates the need for a carry-on, comes in four different styles—hoodie, blazer, windbreaker, and bomber. 

Travelers were captivated by the jacket’s promise. BauBax hauled in more than $9 million dollars on Kickstarter—450 times more than its original goal. The product is slated to begin shipping this month.

From $160,

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