'Back to the Future' Toyota Tacoma

Who needs a DeLorean when you can have this truck?

The throwback blend of past and present is plenty of time travel for us. (Toyota)
Photo: Toyota Toyota

We didn’t get hoverboards and the Cubs didn’t win the World Series, but at least one Back to the Future prediction came true.

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the original Back to the Future movie, Toyota created a special-edition pickup inspired by the one Marty McFly drives in the original movie. The truck blends the best of the past and present, featuring a modern 2016 Tacoma that’s been tricked out with special features, including front and rear tube bumpers, six KC Lights, vintage head- and taillights, and a custom throwback paint job. It’s no time-traveling DeLorean, but still plenty drool worthy.

The Tacoma was on display in Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles, but unfortunately Toyota has no plans to sell them to the public.

$NA, pressroom.toyota.com

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