Breckenridge Approves Colorado’s First Lift Ticket Tax

Single- and multiday passes to include 4.5 percent tax

The approved lift ticket tax will apply only to single- and multiday tickets at Breckenridge Ski Resort, not season passes or summer lift tickets. (Ahodges7 / Flickr)
Photo: Ahodges7 / Flickr

Breckenridge voters approved a local tax on ski lift tickets yesterday, the first in the state’s history, the Summit Daily reported on Tuesday. The vote called for a 4.5 percent sales tax on single- and multiday tickets at Breckenridge Ski Resort. The tax is expected to bring in $3.5 million annually, which the town plans to devote to transit projects intended to alleviate traffic snarls during the busy ski season.

The tax was initially opposed by Vail Resorts, which operates Breckenridge, according to Curbed Ski. An agreement between Vail Resorts and Breckenridge was reached in August, stipulating that the tax would not apply to season passes or summer lift tickets.

“Vail Resorts and Breck are joined at the hip,” Jerry Dziedzic, who worked to promote the tax proposal, told the Summit Daily. “Neither could survive without the other.”

Vail Resorts will collect the tax beginning July 1, 2016.

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