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Tools That Put Safety First

(Inga Hendrickson)
gifts to protect from elements

Five essentials to keep you safer, and happier, on the slopes or in the city. 

Bluebird HT Polarized
(Zeal Optics)

Zeal Optics HD2 Goggles

Zeal Optics’ HD2 goggles incorporate a 170-degree high-definition camera that’s operated by a three-button control on the side of the frame, so you can discreetly capture action footie.

Price $499

The North Face modulator abs
(The North Face)

The North Face Modulator ABS

The pods, nitrogen canisters, and pneumatic trigger of the Modulator ABS turn any pack into an avalanche airbag. Attach it to the shoulder straps before heading beyond the resort boundaries.

Price $1,000

Noke u-lock

Noke Bike Lock

The Bluetooth-equipped Noke bike lock opens via smartphone app. If a thief hacks at it with a blade or jack, it blares an alarm audible to anyone within 150 feet.

Price $100

Ecoxgear ecocarbon bluetooth sp

Ecoxgear EcoCarbon Speaker

The Ecoxgear EcoCarbon speaker blew us away when cranked up indoors. Better to take it out on the water: made of polycarbonate and rubber, this raft-party companion floats. The rechargeable battery lasts for 12 hours.

Price $130

Voormi an/fo jacket

Voormi AN/FO Jacket

Colorado startup Voormi uses wool—the premium next-to-skin material for decades—as the outer layer of its backcountry AN/FO jacket. The sec-ret sauce? A Lycra, merino, and nylon blend treated with proprietary waterproofing.

Price $549
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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson
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