From water to powder to gravel, these four new toys give you extra float—and will have you grinning from ear to ear. 

Tahoe SUP keep tahoe blue rubic
(Tahoe SUP)

Tahoe SUP Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon Paddleboard

The crew at Tahoe SUP shaved pounds off the 12-foot Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon paddleboard by constructing the core from layers of partially hollow, laminate-encased foam, yet maintained a massive 280-pound carrying capacity. The result is a durable, lightweight, 30-inch-wide touring board that doesn’t lose any of its excellent trim or glide when loaded down with gear. 

Price $1,299

k2 cool bean snowboard

K2 Cool Bean Snowboard

Don’t let the big scooped nose, wide girth, and swallowtail fool you: the K2 Cool Bean snowboard isn’t just for powder days. K2 made it remarkably playful by squishing the dimensions of a standard board, bringing more surface area to your feet for responsive handling on choppy snow.

Price $500

Icelantic pioneer skis

Icelantic Pioneer Skis

Boutique Denver brand Icelantic is well known for making sick powder planks. The Pioneer skis are just easy enough to jump on and ride, with an inviting 96-millimeter waist, ample camber underfoot for ripping GS turns on groomers, and plenty of rocker to float through deep stashes off-piste.

Price $599

Coleman Powersports ct200u mini
(Coleman Powersports)

Coleman Powersports CT200u Minibike

The Coleman Powersports CT200u minibike makes us feel like a teenager again, in a good way. A governor limits the powerful 196cc -engine to a top speed of about 19 miles per hour, plenty fast for tearing down fire roads. With burly 19-inch tires that devour all types of terrain, the CT200u proved an excellent shuttle for kayak and mountain-bike trips. At 112 pounds, it can be thrown into the bed of a truck.

Price $500

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