Whether you run, bike, or ski, these six essentials will keep you playing all winter long. 

Fitbit charge her wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband

The Surge’s smaller, sleeker sibling, Fitbit’s Charge HR wristband tracks your heart rate 24/7 while monitoring steps walked and calories burned. Pair it with your phone and it will also tell you who’s calling.

Price $150

Bollé jude sunglasses

Bollé Jude Sunglasses

Bollé leaped into the lifestyle realm when it brought out the Jude sunglasses. The nylon frames sit comfortably during multi-hour rides, but the blocky design and plaid inlay make them sharp enough to wear off the bike.

Price $120

SmartWool phd propulsion 60 hoo

SmartWool PhD Propulsion 60 Hoodie

The SmartWool women’s PhD Propulsion 60 hoodie matches 60-gram merino insulation on the torso with breathable 100-gram merino on the back, hood, and arms for dry warmth on chilly runs. 

Price $200

training essentials
(Inga Hendrickson)

Lululemon Pace Tight SE Reflective Leggings

The dots that give the Lululemon Pace Tight SE Reflective leggings their snakeskin charm light up when hit by headlights, making them highly visible on post-sundown jogs. Our tester described them as more comfortable than wearing no pants at all.

Price $198


Moji Curve Pro Massager

The Moji Curve Pro massager looks like a series of golf balls embedded in a handle, but the arc and flex let you lay into scar tissue from your toughest runs and rides. Freeze it for another level of recovery.

Price $50

New Balance vazee pace running
(New Balance)

New Balance Vazee Pace Running Shoes

The combination of a featherweight mesh upper and flexible, rockered forefoot makes the New Balance Vazee Pace running shoes our go-to high-speed roadsters for midday interval training.

Price $110

Transform Your Office into a Gym with These 6 Essentials

Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives in an office. Make the most of that time with these six workout essentials and transform your desk from a shackle into an efficient, flab-busting fitness tool.  (Fluidstance) Fluidstance Original Handmade Level Standing is good. Balancing on an uneven surface is even better. The Fluidstance is built on rails made from quarter-inch military-grade aluminum, letting you rock from side to side at a standing desk. The metal and bamboo deck make the level burly enough for a 300-pound user yet svelte enough for under-desk storage (the unit weights just 7.5 pounds.) Price

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Tools to Make Indoor Training Actually Fun

Cold weather doesn't mean you have to forgo hard workouts. Keep your edge with these four indoor training tools. (Trek) Émonda S 4 Road Bike In French, émonder means “to pare down,” and Trek did just that to the carbon tubes of its Émonda S 4 road bike. The frame is stiff but forgiving, with the feel of a high-end racing steed at an entry-level price. Price $1,499 (Sol Republic) Sol Republic Relays Sport Earphones Sol Republic’s Relays Sport earphones demonstrate the principle that simpler design is often better design. The spongy tips keep the low-profile buds snug during runs and

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