Included below: everything—from our favorite rugged suitcase to the world's most comfortable shoes—except the lift ticket. 


Nautica Breakwater II Rolling Carry-On

The Nautica Breakwater II rolling carry-on streamlines cross-airport treks with clever features like four 360-degree-range wheels and a single button-locking handle. The indestructible polycarbonate shell keeps your tchotchkes intact when crammed into the overhead.

Price $300


Danner Canoe Mocs

Danner traded some of the durability of its iconic seventies moccasins for style with the Canoe Mocs. The sacrifice paid off. The squishy crepe sole, leather upper, and polyurethane footbed are as comfortable as slippers but still good for long days on foot.

Price $160


Patagonia Dual Aspect Hoodie

Part windproof shell, part breathable fleece, the Patagonia Dual Aspect hoodie is a smartly crafted layer with Polartec panels that vent heat under the arms, while the burly, lofted squares on the chest, arms, and upper back stave off wind and make this highly packable Frankenshell feel like armor.

Price $249


Rumpl Puffy Blanket

The Rumpl Puffy blanket strikes a perfect balance between hearty adventure comforter and plush lounger, with light synthetic fill stuffed into a water-repellent, 20-denier nylon-ripstop shell. Packed down, the two-pound, four-by-six-foot Puffy makes an excellent pillow.

Price $95


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite has twice the pixels of its predecessors for a notably crisper contrast between text and screen, and there’s enough storage for thousands of books in a slim, 30-square-inch package.

Price $120


Saxx Vibe Boxers

Stretchy, seamless, moisture-wicking mesh panels surround the crotch of Saxx’s spandex-blend Vibe boxers. You get the support you need, and your nethers can breathe when the heat is on.

Price $32

Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

What do a carry-on Moscow Mule cocktail kit and a flashlight-size survival tool have in common? They both seem like luxuiries—untill you really need 'em.  (Maui Jim) Maui Jim Voyager Sunglasses The Maui Jim Voyager sunglasses feature incredibly thin glass lenses—20 percent skinnier than standard glass—and deliver all-day sporty comfort in a polarized, retro package. Price $219 (W&P Designs) W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Moscow Mule Kit An airline-grade rum and Coke makes for a crappy international flight. The W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Moscow Mule kit solves that problem. Order a vodka, then use the ginger syrup, muddler, and coaster to

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7 Tiny Tools That Belong in Your Carry-On

Cope with dreary airports and cloistered plane seats with these seven gifts designed to get you wherever you're going feeling refreshed and ready to play.  (Nuun) Nuun All Day Tabs Dehydration can leave you exhausted after a seven-hour flight. Lack of moisture in the airplane cabin sucks out more water than the two paltry cups of ice water they offer you in-flight replenish. Packed with nutrients like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, these tabs will help get you the most out of those sips. Price $7.50 (DreamSacks) DreamSacks Original Opening DreamSack Blanket A silk sheet feels cool against your skin yet adds a few extra degrees of warmth when

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