Get off the grid and the real fun starts. Admire the craftsmanship of these gifts, then get out there—way out there.


Victorinox Swiss Army RangerWood Damascus Knife

Each Victorinox Swiss Army RangerWood Damascus knife is unique. The handle is fine-grain walnut, and the blade’s wavy pattern is achieved by hammer-welding strips of iron and steel during forging. It’s got looks, but the RangerWood boasts all the utility you expect from a Swiss Army knife.

Price $300


Topo Designs x Tenkara Rod Co. Kit

You might be wearing waders, but you don’t have to completely forgo style when fly-fishing. The Topo Designs x Tenkara Rod Co. kit couples a beautiful leader wallet and hip pack from Topo with a mid-action, telescoping, reel-free wand that’s perfect for chasing bluegills around small creeks.

Price $259

(Of One Sea)

Of One Sea Paddleball Set

The handcrafted Of One Sea Paddleball set offers the same countless hours of entertainment as a classic wooden beach kit. But unlike its bargain counterparts, the birch top, tape-gripped handle, and suede ties make it classy enough to leave on the mantle when you’re done playing.

Price $90


Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

Natural rubber and organic cotton give the Brooks Cambium C17 saddle hipster charm, but they hide true performance. The waterproof seat won’t soak up moisture and delivers a cushy ride for such a minimalist package.

Price $175

(United by Blue)

United by Blue Explorers Ax

Resist the urge to leave the United by Blue Explorers ax mounted above the fireplace. The sturdy hickory handle and two-pound head make it an excellent choice for actually chopping wood.

Price $165

Big Gifts That Float on Snow and Water

From water to powder to gravel, these four new toys give you extra float—and will have you grinning from ear to ear.  ​ (Tahoe SUP) Tahoe SUP Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon Paddleboard The crew at Tahoe SUP shaved pounds off the 12-foot Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon paddleboard by constructing the core from layers of partially hollow, laminate-encased foam, yet maintained a massive 280-pound carrying capacity. The result is a durable, lightweight, 30-inch-wide touring board that doesn’t lose any of its excellent trim or glide when loaded down with gear.  Price $1,299 ​ (K2) K2 Cool Bean Snowboard Don’t let the big scooped nose, wide

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8 Splurges for Those Who've Been Really, Really Good

We love stocking stuffers, but the big-ticket hero gifts are the ones we really look forward to. Presenting eight splurges to buy—or maybe just drool over.  (Salemtown Board Co.) Salemtown Board Co. Mimosa Oak Cruiser Close to two hundred bucks might feel like a lot to spend on a skateboard, but keep in mind that the Salemtown Board Co. Mimosa Oak Cruiser is built from one piece of nearly indestructible Tennessee oak, meaning you’re investing in a deck that will last a lifetime. Add the fact that it’s shaped and painted by hand in Salemtown, Tennessee, and that number starts to

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