WATCH: Skier Ian McIntosh Falls 1,600 Feet

Clip of the fall released

McIntosh's skiing has appeared in commercials for Nissan and Alfa Romeo, and he worked as a stunt double for actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2010 film 'Inception.' (Teton Gravity Research / YouTube)
Photo: Teton Gravity Research / YouTube

Canadian freeskier Ian McIntosh tumbled 1,600 feet down a snowy slope in the Neacola Mountains of southern Alaska while filming Teton Gravity Research's 2015 video Paradise Waitsaccording to Freeskier. “I’m ok!” McIntosh yells at the end of the clip, which Teton Gravity Research released on YouTube last week.

“I‘ve been doing this for twenty years, and that was one of the burliest crashes I’ve ever seen,” said cameraman Todd Jones, who filmed the clip.  "It was just ferocious."

As Outside reported last February, McIntosh's skiing has appeared in commercials for Nissan and Alfa Romeo, and he worked as a stunt double for actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2010 film Inception.

Last April, Jones stayed with the Paradise Waits crew at a remote camp, 90 miles west of Anchorage, which included a landing area for helicopters carrying athletes and photographers. Because direct sunlight was scarce, the group only had an hour and a half of enough light to capture McIntosh skiing on the line seen in the Youtube clip, which will remain unnamed until someone makes a successful first descent.

“I imagine we’ll be back next year, and hopefully someone shreds it,” said Jones.


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