A machine to make homebrewing as easy as ordering a cold one at the bar

Brewing a five gallon batch of beer just got a lot easier. (Brewbot)

Brewing your own beer at home just much easier, thanks to the Brewbot, a 4-by-2-foot machine that'll walk you through the process of creating a five-gallon batch of homebrew. 

To start, the brewer selects the type of beer she wants on the accompanying app. She then buys her own hops, malt, and yeast, with the machine and app combo telling her exactly when to add the various ingredients. Built-in sensors monitor the entire process, adjusting the temperatures automatically and pinging her when the beer's done. 

So your first batches probably won’t win any awards, but they’ll definitely taste better than if you tried to go it alone. 


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Lead Photo: Brewbot
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