Red Pill Motorcycle

Forget a beach cruiser. This is how we want to carry our boards to the sea.

The Red Pill sports a custom rack for your favorite board. (Deus Ex Machina)
Photo: Deus Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina red pill motorc

Earlier this year, Jeep caused a big stir with its surf-inspired Cherokee Chief concept. Now, surfers will drool over the Red Pill motorcycle, which was created specifically to haul boards to the water. 

Designed by custom builder Deus Ex Machina, the bike takes styling cues from the Kawasaki W650 and the company’s own Le Gicleur Noir. It features a removable, custom surfboard rack that snaps off for a clean, paired-down look when you're not going to the beach.  

Other features include: a reverse cone muffler that boosts performance and produces it own unique sound; custom ace bars; and custom stainless fenders. 


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