WATCH: “Sketchy Andy” Completes Net-to-Net BASE Line

Newest project dubbed Thug Mansion

According to Lewis' YouTube description, more than 100 people helped build the two space nets, which used more than 21,000 feet of cord. (MrSlackline / YouTube)
Photo: MrSlackline / YouTube

“Sketchy Andy” Lewis released a video of his newest project, Thug Mansion—a highline rigged between two cord nets—on his YouTube channel last week. Lewis and the rest of Moab-based group Slacklife Monkey are known for setting up and crossing daring highlines.

To create Thug Mansion, the members of Slacklife Monkey suspended two space nets (essentially large hammocks made from cord) 400 feet above the ground and connected them with a floatline, which Lewis described on YouTube as a “highline with two dynamic anchors.” Lewis crossed the floatline with a BASE setup, jumping off partway across the highline, to complete what he called the first “net-to-net BASE line.”

Watch it here:

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