Kent Wins Beer Mile World Championships

Breaks his own record

Kent (second from left) is the world's only professional beer-miler. (Caleb Kerr )

Lewis Kent set a beer mile world record on Tuesday night in Austin, Texas, when he ran the second annual FloTrack World Championships in 4:47.17, ESPN reports. The race involves running four laps around a track and chugging a beer before each lap, for a total of four beers per race. Kent, a 22-year-old Canadian cross-country runner, broke his record of 4:54.4 that he had set last month. 

“I wasn’t going in to set a [new] world record,” Kent told Outside. “I wasn’t looking at the clock. I just wanted to win the race, and then I saw the times after I crossed the finish line. I was really surprised.”

As the first-place finisher, Kent received a $5,000 prize, as well as an undisclosed bonus from his sponsor, Brooks. (Kent announced last week that he signed a two-year shoe and apparel contract with Brooks, making him the world’s only professional beer-miler.) 

“Other brands are hardcore intense, whereas Brooks is really about having a good time, and that kind of meshes with me, and the beer mile in general,” he told Outside in November. 

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