Toyota Ultimate Utility Concept Vehicle

Toyota just made one tough minivan

If Batman had kids, he'd drive this minivan. (Toyota)
Photo: Toyota toyota

Toyota just proved minivans can be bad-ass, too, with its Ultimate Utility Vehicle concept car.

To build it, the company hollowed-out a reinforced Sienna unibody frame, mated it with a Tundra chassis, then slapped on a long-travel suspension, a set of Nitto Mud Grappler tires, custom bumpers, a roof rack, and a winch, turning the normal family ride into a fully capable off-road rig. 

Because the new tires are so big, Toyota had to reengineer the rear doors to slide out instead of back, and the front doors open suicide-style from the rear. Instead of your normal everyday colors, the company decided to paint the ride an intimidating matte black. Inside, it turned the van from kid-hauler to mobile office and included USB ports and in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, the UUV is a one-off concept car, and Toyota doesn’t plan on making it available to the general public. 


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