Renault Alaskan Truck

We’d gladly put this beautiful machine through its paces in the far north

Haul ass off-road or on the freeway. (Renault)
Photo: Renault Renault alaskan pickup truck

Renault is a brand normally associated with tiny cars designed for cruising along crowded Europe streets. That perception might change, however, with the company’s new Alaskan pickup.

Just a concept currently, the truck has a twin turbo four-cylinder engine and 21-inch wheels, so that it can haul ass on the freeway but still get up rough forest roads. Renault also claims its design would have industry-leading fuel economy (although it doesn't specify the estimated miles per gallon.) 

The truck has a polished exterior that looks great in the press photos. We’re, however, waiting to see what it looks like covered in mud.


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